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How It All Started
The Taco Truck was born out of an adventurous and extraordinary idea - to bring the authentic Mexican taqueria cuisine that we love so much to the East Coast. With our entrepreneurial spirit and desire to create unique and inspiring brands in tow, we set out to bring this authenticity to the nation in an experimental way: a food truck. In 2009 we launched our very first truck in New Jersey. It turns out we weren’t the only ones craving authentic Mexican tacos, and with a commitment to sustainability we’ve forged ahead. So far we've opened stores, kiosks, carts, and trucks in NY, MA, and NJ - and we're only getting started!

Four central principles guide us: serving food that is truly authentic to the taquerias of Mexico, incorporating hospitality into every aspect of our business, minimizing our negative impact on the planet and remaining active in our neighborhood through ongoing community involvement.
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How It All Started